About me

Elsa Ho, Senior UX Researcher with 8 years of experience. Currently at Facebook, ex-Uber, Microsoft, and more.

Is it really free?

Yes. For now.

It will be 100% free until I figure out a business model or get overwhelmed by requests.

How does it work?

30 mins video chats.

You email me (startup.uxr@gmail.com) your questions or requests, I share my availability, and we can set up a Zoom / Skype / Facetime / BlueJeans chat. We can have multiple sessions if needed.

What can I get out of the consulting?

Startups at this stage usually don’t have a dedicated UX researcher. Sometimes founders have to play the research role, and here are some questions they tend to ask:

  • How to ask user interview questions and test concepts
  • How to conduct research with limited resources
  • How to choose the right research methodology  
  • How to hire researchers
  • How to work with researchers and/or designers 

I can also review your product usability, research script, study plans. etc.

Why are you doing this?

To connect with and support startups.

I started my career in a small and new office where I was the first employee. As I gradually worked my way up to larger tech companies, I realized I really miss the hustle and scrappiness of working at startups. I am inspired by Michael Margolis from Google Venture, and would love to help startups address one-off research needs, especially at the early stage of product development.

Tell me more about you?

I am a UX Researcher and Strategy Consultant with 8 years of experience in tech (Facebook, Uber, Microsoft), healthcare, design consultancies, and startups.

I was born in Taiwan, studied in Canada, worked in Singapore, Japan, and China before moving to the US in 2015. My background allowed me to bring deep insights from multiple markets and cultures. My research focus has been foundational (identifying what to build) and international. So far I’ve conducted around 700 research sessions in 20+ countries. I also conduct quick and dirty research that can be turned around in a week.

Outside of work, I enjoy writing and mentoring. I run a blog called Conversion Lab, you can also find my writing on Medium. I have been an active UX mentor on Springboard since 2018.